Wednesday, April 8, 2009


So, I'm training for a triathlon. And by training, I mean that I've actually started to get some form of exercise (skiing doesn't count). I was all stoked about it, and I totally felt like I could do it, no problem. But, when I took a week off to go to Belize, I lost a lot of momentum. Riding my bike today (to get lunch, not for a workout) got me breathing pretty hard, and I realized how much work I have left to do. Not to mention the fact that I haven't run a single mile.

I have been reading all these fitness and training blogs, and I am realizing how much work this is really going to take. I'm in no way ready to do this, and the tri I was thinking of doing is in a month. Either I hit the gas pedal for the next month (on top of school and work) or I train consistently until the next one, in June.


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