Monday, February 9, 2009

Dumbo feather, pass it on

I'm passing it on. Dumbo feather, pass it on is a half-magazine, half-book, and it just might restore my faith in the magazine industry. The pages are filled with profiles of people who have really, truly, made efforts to change the world they live in- like the first-ever female monk, a surfer who left his career as an investment banker to start Surfaid, which is a non-profit committed to tackling health issues in isolated areas, and an Aussie photojournalist who started a skateboard school in Kabul. The design is clean, holds killer photography, and is set apart from the rest of the media our brains are doused in. With this, I am obsessed. A friend purchased an online subscription and gave me the log-in (thanks Vic), but I think I have to subscribe to the real thing- I need to hold this beautiful, inspired, heavy magazine (that reads like a book) in my small, unworthy hands.

After spending some time in the magazine business as an intern, I wondered if this was really where my heart was, and if it was even worth it (since magazines are folding practically every hour). How refreshing it is to see a mag that lives by its own rules- is not limited by its readers, or its target markets, or its financial capacity. It breathes in a way that is new, creative, functional, and real. Good magazines like this make me understand my interest in the magazine industry. And this mag is what really motivated me to blog- to explore the things I love, the things I crave, the people I care about, and the places I am going. As a writer, I need to stretch. Alice McCormick in her profile in Dumbo feather says "when you're doing something that sits well with the world, then you don't encounter any obstacles." Here's my shot at stretching my creative fibers and escaping the stuffiness of typicality. It's time to breathe.

Check it out here!

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